The Top 4 Golf Courses in Thailand

When one thinks of Thailand, white sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, and a different culture come to mind. You don’t really think of golf courses but there are several world class golf courses in this country that any golf lover would enjoy. It has over 250 courses and you can’t really cover them all in a stretch. So if you plan to visit the country and intend to test your swing, here are some of the best golf courses in Thailand.

#1 The Siam Country Club (The Old One)

This is the very first privately owned golf course in Thailand. It is also one of the first courses in the country to host a LPGA event that took place in 2007. Siam has also hosted the Thailand Open, so you can fully expect a championship level gold course. It was built back in 1970 by Isao Mazumi, and in 2007 it got a makeover. It was redesigned by Brian Curley and Lee Schimdt, who added salt-water tolerant grass, cut down some trees that obstructed play, and revealed some of the most challenging holes.

The most interesting and difficult holes in this 18 hole course are the last three. The 16th hole is a very long par-3, while the 17th hole has water threatening you from all directions. You reach the home hole dodging all these, including about a 100 sand traps, you’re confronted with 540 yards distant hole with on a thick patch of green.

#2 Banyan

This 18-hole course is a beautiful little retreat, a championship level course separated from resorts, homes, or any other kind of building aside from the clubhouse. It’s located in the coastal town of Hua Hin, the favourite holiday destination of the country’s royal family. The clubhouse is located at the highest point of the course and offers some absolutely stunning views.

There’s nothing easy or boring about this course. The par-3 4th hole is an exciting 253 yards from the trees and an additional 150 yard water hazard. There’s another hole, the 6th one with a 405 yard challenge. These are 2 of 9 such water hazards that you’ll encounter during the play.

#3 Black Mountain

Another course located in the Hua Hin is the Black Mountain and it’s a championship level course. Designed by Australian designer Phil Ryan from Pacific Coast Design, this course was quickly acknowledged as one of the best courses in Thailand. This was especially true after the 2009 Black Mountain Masters Asian Tour. It was won by the very talented Johan Edfors.

If you want a challenge, you’ll definitely get it here. The course is surrounded by mountains and has several creeks running through the landscape. These things make it a worthwhile place to visit, let along play on. The par-4 4th hole has an island of green surrounded by a lake and the par-5 18th is a dream finish.

#4 Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort

This course is 1000 ft above the sea-level and nestled amongst the mountains. It’s a perfect combination of human design genius and natural beauty. You’ll have a luxurious time playing and staying here. The design team hasn’t interfered much with the entire layout, letting the natural contours of the ground decide the difficulty. The finishing hole, by all standards, is a beauty. It’s a par-5, 558 yard hole that seems to tempt the more ambitious players.

These, along with courses like Thai Country Club, The Red Mountain, the Blue Canyon, etc, are worth a visit. If you have any questions about the best golf courses in Thailand, you can get in touch with us at Pattaya Golf Trips. Just fill in this online form and we’ll get back to you or you can call us on 0499 013 536.

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