How To Be Safe While Indulging in Swimming and Water Sports in Pattaya

Pattaya is a coastal city and has a large number of beaches. Not only do these beaches offer opportunities for swimming, but there are also a number of water sports and other activities you can indulge in. However, while you are planning on spending a day at the beach and deciding which of these activities you would like to do, it’s also very important to be safe while indulging in swimming and water sports in Pattaya and that you follow some basic safety measures while you are at it.

Areas to give a miss

Many beaches in this vibrant city remain polluted due to the large number of open sewers that channel all the sludge into the bay. While it’s common to see tourists swimming here, most of them are unaware that the waters are highly polluted. However, you can easily enjoy some time in the water at Jomtein Beach; this is just a 15 minute drive from the main city and has a number of clean beaches where you can relax and enjoy the salty sea air.

If you aren’t able to travel to Jomtein, consider giving the beaches in Pattaya a miss; after all, you don’t want to deal with the sewer stench and pollutants that flow from the city’s sewers into the sea. It’s far better to lounge around the pool at your hotel or resort.

If you head for any beaches during the monsoons, take particular care while swimming off any of the coastal areas. Each year there are reports of strong riptides drowning people in several beaches in Pattaya. The one way to remain safe while at any beach in Pattaya is to comply with the warnings; the local government makes it a point to place red flags at all the danger points along Pattaya’s beaches. It’s important that you pay cognisance to these warnings and swim only at the approved beaches in the city.

Some more pointers

  • Jellyfish pose a problem too, especially during the monsoons and their stings can be fatal. If you aren’t too sure about the safety of a particular beach, make it a point to take the advice of local people like the ones at dive centres and hotel management staff.
  • Be careful while swimming or while kayaking, white water rafting in the local revers or close to the waterfalls as the currents can be very strong.
  • When you are renting any water sports equipment or jet skis, use all the safety equipment provided by the operators.
  • It’s also vital that you insist on training and check the equipment for damage thoroughly before use. The standards maintained by the rescue services and diving schools aren’t always as high as they should be. This is why you should check the dive operator’s credentials very carefully before you use their services and make sure you have insurance cover too.
  • If you are planning on taking a short diving course when you are there, make it a point to ask the operator what insurance cover they offer before signing up for the course. Ask them whether safety equipment such as oxygen etc. is available on the boat.

Ask them about the contingency plans they have in place. Many people feel that these measures seem a little excessive, especially if they are just taking a very short course or if they are doing some water-based activities. But you can never be too careful when it comes to your safety and this is something you should never compromise on.

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