Travelling in Vietnam – Basic Vietnamese Phrases to Learn

Visiting another country is always an adventure, but visiting a country entirely different from your own can be a revelation. When people from Australia travel to Vietnam, they come back with a memories of an ancient, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, excellent golf courses, and stunning natural beauty. However, experienced travellers would tell you that the best way to explore a different culture and understand it, is to learn their language.

Learning the local language would help you navigate through the exotic culture better. You’ll be better prepared and more comfortable if you’re able to communicate with the locals. It’s always a good idea to visit a country with at least a few phrases in hand. Here’s a list of words and basic Vietnamese phrases that would help you on your journey through Vietnam.

  • Saying Hello – Xin chào
  • Asking How are you – Khỏe không?
  • Saying Fine, thank you – Khoẻ, cảm ơn.
  • Asking What’s your name? – For male – Ông tên là gì? / For female – Bà tên là gì? / Informal male – Anh tên là gì? / Informal female – Cô tên là gì?
  • Replying My name is (name)– Tôi tên là (name)
  • Saying Please – Làm ơn
  • Saying Thank You – Cảm ơn
  • Saying You’re welcome – Không sao đâu
  • Yes – Vâng / Da / Đúng
  • No – Không
  • Saying I’m sorry – Xin lỗi
  • Wishing Goodbye – Tạm biệt
  • Saying I can’t speak Vietnamese – ôi không biết nói tiếng Việt
  • Asking Do you speak English – Biết nói tiếng Anh không?
  • Asking for Help – Cứu
  • Saying Good Night – Chúc ngủ ngon
  • Stating I don’t understand – Tôi không hiểu.
  • Asking Where is the toilet? – Cầu tiêu ở đâu? / Nhà vệ sinh/wc ở đâu?
  • Saying I’m lost – Tôi bị lạc
  • Stating It’s an emergency – Việc này khẩn cấp.
  • Saying I’m sick – Tôi bị ốm
  • Saying I’m injured – Tôi đã bị thương
  • Saying I lost my bag – Tôi bị mất túi
  • Asking How much is the ticket to … cost? – Một vé đến …. là bao nhiêu?
  • Asking One ticket to … please – Xin cho tôi một vé đến ….
  • Asking Where does this train/bus go? – Tàu/xe này đi đâu?
  • Asking Can you show me on the map? – Chỉ trên bản đồ cho tôi được không?
  • Asking How do I get to…? – Làm sao tôi đến được…
  • To the train station – .nhà ga?
  • To the bus station – trạm xe buýt?
  • To the airport – .phi trường
  • Asking Are there any rooms available? – Có còn phòng không?
  • Asking How much for one or two people? Giá phòng cho một/hai người là bao nhiêu?
  • Asking How much is this for? – Bao nhiêu
  • Reserving a table A table for one person or two people, please – Cho tôi một bàn cho một/hai người.
  • Breakfast – bữa sang
  • Lunch – bữa trưa
  • Asking Can I look at the menu – Cho tôi xem menu?

These are the general phrases and terms that might prove to be useful on your journey to Vietnam.

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