Some Basic Things Your Golf Bag Should Have

If you don’t carry much in your golf bag apart from a few tees, your clubs and little else, it just might be the right time to step up your game. Golf can be endlessly complex and deceptively simple as well. It’s best to be well-prepared before heading for the golf course. Most golf bags contain very similar things – some tees, gloves, a divot tool, a few ball markers, an umbrella, hand towels and a couple sleeves of balls.

However, there are always some things that we wish we had in our bags while on the golf course. These things are often overlooked, but it’s a good idea to keep these items handy. Here is a list of some basic things you should always carry in your golf bag.

#1 Athletic Tape

If something is broken, it can very likely be repaired with athletic tape. If the worn-out grip on your old pitching wedge tears off the shaft, all you have to do is tape it. If a blister appears on your finger while you are swinging a few practice shots, simply tape it. If the sole of your golfing shoe suddenly falls off, athletic tape can come to your rescue. While you may never end up using the entire roll of tape for years, it’s good to have it in your golfing bag.

#2 Sunscreen

While you may be very enthusiastic to head for the greens regardless of how blistering the sun’s rays are, it’s best to carry a bottle of sunscreen to protect yourself on an unexpectedly warm day. Sunscreen has a shelf life, so replace the bottle every once in a while. Depending on where you have kept it in your bag, it may also become damaged and leak into all the things. Keep the sunscreen bottle in a good ziplock bag and place that in a separate pocket.

#3 Windbreaker

When you are playing golf in Pattaya, you will notice that the weather can sometimes play truant with you; hot weather can suddenly turn cool and vice versa; or if you are playing during the monsoons, you never know when a rain shower would hit the area. For that reason, you should keep a thin, water-proof windbreaker in the golf bag. This is more of an emergency item, but it’s definitely good to have.

#4 Ibuprofen

Sometimes while you are swinging a shot, you may twist your knee from a very awkward lie, or hurt your wrist just from a divot. Ibuprofen helps control the pain from these injuries and keeps the swelling at minimum.

#5 Snacks

Some beef jerky or a few muesli bars, nuts, seeds, or pretzels are excellent snack choices for your time on the golf course. When hunger pangs strike, you can munch on these simple snacks that give you the energy pick-up you need. It’s best to avoid very delicate and perishable foods that will rot because you will likely just forget to take these items out of your golf bag after your game.

If you are travelling to Pattaya on a corporate golfing trip, you can also choose to rent a golf bag at the course rather than carry it all the way from Australia. Regardless, you’d still have to carry all the other things with you and pack them into your golf bag when you are heading for the greens.

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