Travelling in Thailand – Basic Thai Phrases to Learn

When you’re travelling to a country with language markedly different from your own, it pays to learn a few phrases of the local language. It would make your entire trip a little easier and ensure that you have some means to communicate with the locals in case you need it. Most experienced travellers know that learning certain key phrases can help them navigate the local culture better.

You’ll get a better understanding of the culture and experience it on a different level. Learning key phrases will also help you establish grounding in the language so you can pursue it further. Here are some important words and phrases to learn before you visit Thailand.

  • The greeting Welcome – yin dee dtôn ráp
  • General greeting Hello – sà-wàt-dee
  • The three ways of asking How are you? – sà-baai dee măi / bpen yàang rai bâang? / sà-baai dee rĕu?
  • The reply to How Are you? – For males – sà-baai dee króp / For females – sà-baai dee kâ
  • When asked someone’s name, What’s your name? – kun chêu a-rai ?
  • When introducing yourself, My name is … – For males – pŏm chêu … / For females – rao chêu …
  • Saying Pleased to meet you – yin dee têe dâi róo jàk
  • Greeting Good Morning – For males – sà-wàt-dee kráp / For females – sà-wàt-dee kâ
  • Greeting Good Evening – For males – sà-wàt-dee kráp / For females – sà-wàt-dee kâ
  • Saying Good Night – raa-dtree sà-wàt
  • Saying Good Bye – báai baai / laa gòn ná
  • Saying Have a nice meal – gin hâi a-ròi / taan hâi a-ròi
  • Saying I understand – kâo jai láew
  • Saying I don’t understand – mâi khâo jai
  • Saying Please speak slowly – pôot cháa long nòi
  • Asking people to repeat themselves Please say that once again – pôot èek tee dâai măi
  • Asking people to write information Please write that down – kĭan long bon grà-dàat dâi măi? / chûay kĭan long hâi nòi dâai măi
  • Asking people whether they speak English – pôot ang-grìt dâai măi / kun pôot paa-săa ang-grìt rĕu bplào?
  • Asking Do you speak Thai? – kun pôot tai dâai măi / kun pôot paa-săa tai bpen măi?
  • Asking How do you say that… in Thai? – paasăa tai … pôot wâa yàang-rai
  • Saying Excuse me and Sorry – kŏr tôht
  • Asking How much is this? – raa-kaa tâo rài?
  • Saying Thank You – kòp kun / kòp kun mâak
  • A reply to Thank You – mâi bpen rai
  • Asking Where’s the toilet – hông náam yòo năi / hông náam yòo têe năi?
  • Saying I don’t speak Thai – chăn pôot tai mâi bpen / pŏm pôot tai mâi dâai
  • Saying Sorry I didn’t get that – kŏr tôht chăn mâi kâo jai?
  • Asking Do you understand? – khâo jai mái
  • At the hotel, saying there’s a problem with the room – hông mee bpan-hăa
  • Asking Can I have another room? – bplìan hông dâi măi?
  • Asking When should I vacate the room? – chăn dtông òk jàak hông gèe mohng?
  • Stating I’d like to check out on this date – chăn jà chék ao wan têe tâo née

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