8 Useful Tips for a Golf Beginner

If you are setting out on a corporate golfing trip to Pattaya, but haven’t actively played golf before; you may be a little apprehensive about whether you would really be able to play the game and enjoy yourself while you are out on the greens with your colleagues. Here are a few useful golfing tips to follow if you are a beginner. These will give you the big picture; it will also help prevent much of the confusion and overwhelm that most new golfer’s face.

Golfing tips for beginners

#1 Take dead aim

This isn’t just for your feet; but also for your shoulders, knees, hips, and the club face. In most instances, right-handed golfers aim correctly, but that doesn’t mean the ball will always go right; this is because their swing often compensates for poor alignment. The important thing is that you should check your alignment every time you swing.

#2 Create a very solid stance

Create a stance that’s solid, stable, balanced and wide and always build your swing from the ground up.

#3 Develop a good posture

Focus on maintaining a good posture; this means you should tilt at your hips and not at the waist.

#4 Get a solid grip

It’s important to practice holding the golf club in the right position even when you aren’t playing golf. Keep the club in an easily accessible place in your house and practice holding it, every time you walk past it. Very soon you will find that you are able to hold the club in the right manner.

#5 Start the downswing with your hips

Almost all downswing faults are because they are started with the upper body; you should practice starting the downswing with the lower part of your body and then let the upper part follow the movement.

#6 Practice with purpose

If you are able to, practice golfing on the driving range for a short period of time before you head out on your golfing trip. Every range session should have 50 balls and should last for a minimum of 30 minutes; and there should be two practice swings for each ball. The idea is to practice with purpose.

#7 Practice using high-lofted clubs

When you practise with a high-lofted clubs that encourages cleaner ball striking as well as a better posture. Too little loft encourages a new golfer to use a destructive scooping action to get their ball upwards.

#8 Leave your driver club in the bag

Start your practice session with your pitching wedge and then move through the bag of clubs mastering every one as you move forth. It’s best to avoid using a more difficult and longer club until you are confidently and consistently hitting the shorter ones.

#9 Try a Par-3 Course

If you have access to one where you live, try a Par-3 Course. These are great to help you develop your understanding of golf as well as your course management skills. It will help you spend less time looking for the golf balls and you’ll also begin to hone your short-game skills.

#10 Review the fundamentals as often as you can

Many beginner golfers fall into the trap of following different opinions and chasing various different techniques, which makes them end up with a bunch of conflicting thoughts and a disjointed golf swing. If you are really are serious about learning the game, you should take some golfing lessons from a professional and learn and practice at a steady pace.

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