4 New Golf Etiquette Tips

If you are planning on going on a corporate golf trip to Pattaya, you must surely have started getting together your golfing attire and must be looking forward to the trip. Seasoned players are confident and knowledgeable about the dress code and golfing etiquettes. However, if you are new to the game, you must be eager to learn some more about what works on the greens and what doesn’t. Here are some tips that might help:

While there have always been certain golfing etiquettes that people follow while playing the game, some rules and old-fashioned details are constantly rethought and changed. Here are 4 new golf etiquettes that are in-step with the modern times we live in:

New Etiquettes in Golf

#1 Technology

Most people are addicted to their phones and it just isn’t feasible to ask everyone on the greens to turn off their mobile devices. While it’s never good golfing etiquette to constantly yap on the phone when you are playing a game with a group of people, you can take the median path by switching your mobile phone to silent/vibrate mode.

You can check the phone discreetly (when you really need to) and answer messages on occasion, if they are very urgent. The point to keep in view here is that you shouldn’t allow your mobile phone to slow down the game; ensure that you match your pace with the people you are playing with as well as those behind you.

#2 The Appropriate Attire Matters

Golf is a game where your attire always matters and that’s the way it’s always been; however, there has been a slight slackening of rules over the years. Heavy tweed jackets and ties, caps and knickerbockers with stockings are passé and current day golfing attire is lighter, a little more casual and distinctly more comfortable. It’s common to see people donning collared shirts and stylish slacks when they head for their game of golf. Avoid wearing shirts or caps that display any loud verbiage and branding.

#3 Keep the Competition Friendly

It’s very natural for you to get excited or angry with your performance, depending on how well your game is going. However, it’s important that you don’t get extremely expressive with your emotions on the greens; this means forcing/breaking/throwing your clubs is a big no-no.

#4 Swapping Golf Clubs With Other Players

There was a time when touching a co-player’s clubs was frowned upon; however, these days it’s acceptable to ask another player whether you can try/hold their club. However, it’s still not alright to borrow another players clubs during a game.

A Few More Tips

Aside from the things we just mentioned:

  • Show up for your game on time – at least 15 minutes before the game.
  • When you are on the practice green, feel free to putt as much as you like as long as there isn’t anyone else there; however, if there is too much of a crowd, try not to play more than 2 practice balls.
  • Don’t look for a lost ball for more than 5 minutes as that will end up slowing down the pace of the game. If you can’t find it within that timeframe, simply give up the search.
  • Don’t walk across the course with your golf bag; the added weight will just end up leaving a deep imprint and it’s best to walk along the fringe.

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